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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  May 26, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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john: the respect --"with all due respect" to jeb bush and president obama, please leave us out of europe. >> with all due respect mr. president, we must out of this one. ♪ john: happy national blueberry cheesecake day. jeb bush's compound, twitter's version of "cops" and rand paul's my little pon ytails. hillary clinton's campaign
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released a whole bunch of information, but they left something out. the ap revealed that day. it is six letters long called wjcllc, and it is designed to channel payments to the former president. it raises more questions than it possibly answers. my question -- where is this going and how big couldn't be? mark: we don't know where it is going, and the clinton folks are saying there is nothing there. but number one, like mitt romney, the clintons have tax account and lawyers who said you should set things up for your assets in the most advantageous way possible. it may not belook great, but it will be legal. number two, what bill clinton did as a consultant, not a speech is, look at -- not as speeches, will get more
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attention. number three, it opens to rhetoric like this from bernie sanders today. bernie sanders: that's type of wealth can isolate you from the reality of the world. mark: talking in the restaurant before this story broke. but the issue of the clintons being fabulously wealthy. john: not just fabulously wealthy, but also engaged in a complex web of holdings, most of which are completely opaque, if not all of which. the president has businesses other than speaking. we don't know what they are, or how much he has made from them. some consultants and clients are named at least one of whom the state department says that he cannot work for. a couple that he were allowed to work for. this is more fodder for those who want to dig into this financial morass that is around
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the clintons. i think this is the beginning of something that could be quite big and quite interesting. mark: he got paid a lot of money. rand paul is promoting his new book. it is out today and called "taking a stand" argument that the big tent needs to be big enough to hold, among other things, hair accessories. rand paul: we need to be the party has people with tattoos, ponytails with overalls without suits, black, white, brown -- we need more diversity. mark: this is not a new message for him. but, how is he doing? how is message? -- how is his message? john: his message sounds a little too glib. he had a reasonably good announcement and has been kind of lost in the forest ever
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since. this is an important message, but i think anything offered in a more serious, more substantive way that does not make it seem as though they are canned talking points and trivialize them in the way he is talking about it now. mark: he does link it to prison and drug reform. i think in general, this is a positive message to the party. it attracts a lot of strategists to him. it is not so much trivialize and, i think he needs to make it more emotional. -- not so much trivializing. john: referring to people with ponytails and tattoos, they do not want to be referred to that way. they are americans, they are young people. it is a little bit denigrating in some way. mark: i think he is just making a point to make a structured system.
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-- to make a shock to the system. when you go to most republicans defend, you do not see like -- when you go to republican events, you do not see people like that. when you go to a rand paul event, you might see people with tattoos and ponytails there. john: the war against isis now includes a war of words in washington. ashton carter said on cnn that the reason for last week's fall in ramadi is that iraqi soldiers did not show the will to fight isis. the press secretary was asked to comment on carter's comment and defended it. >> what secretary carter said is in consistent with those on the ground who have looked at the situation. he has also indicated on a number of occasions that there is in reported role for the u.s. and its coalition partners to play in supporting those iraqi security forces. john: mark, a lot of attention
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has been paid to what secretary carter has said. why did he say it? it is a very bracing thing to say. mark: they are in the midst of a debate on capitol hill, whether there should be u.s. troops there. the u.s. government does not want to do that. secretary carter i think was speaking the truth. maybe letting off some frustration, but also sending a message to both that this still needs to be an iraqi thing. they need to be better. john: the other thing is that this dovetails perfectly with what president obama said last week, that my strategy is working. the problem is not my strategy we should not rethink our strategy, it is fine. the part of our strategy that is not working is the part that lands in the hands of iraqis. they always need to take that responsibility. not only are you right about the politics of this, but i also think there is a defensive point, i don't mean defensive as
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empowering, but defending president obama's strategy. if there is a failure, it is on their shoulders. mark: secretary gates tried to get iraq and afghanistan to fight better on their own behalf. but he couldn't do it particularly well enough. let us see if this secretary kennedy with. it is a hard thing to do. -- if this secretary can't do it. john:-- can do it. john: if there is going to be a stable solution there, it cannot be posed by americans. we have tried it. anything on a domestic level. this is a painful period, but necessary. mark: aliriright, it's been a banner day for twitter. charles johnson, who is gotten quite from it -- famous on twitter, has been barred again from the microblogging service because he asked to "take out"
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and activist who has been involved in the police shootings in baltimore and ferguson. mr. johnson has been suspended from tweeting in the past. but john, i ask you, should twitter bar from its platform is on the content of their? -- of their tweets? john: in limiting circumstances i believe they can and should. where i think a line needs to be drawn is at htrethreats. you can argue whether this is a threat were not, but the person this is thedirected to finds this a threat. people say a lot of ugly things on twitter, but they cannot incite people to violence. mark: it is a private service, you do not have a right to be on it. on the other hand, what if someone who did not have this repetition treated the same thing? i do not think they would have banned him. i think you -- i think they are singling him out because of his past practice. john: they may not have noticed it because of their twitter following.
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but we are not advocating censorship, but if someone walked on your sensory -- threatening us-- mark: they would be kicked off. if someone said "if you see karl rove, punch him in the face." should they be banned from twitter? john: i would be fine with that. mark: kicking that person off? john: it depends on whether there was a serious intention or not. mark: how can you tell? mark: john:john: you can tell it when you see it. there is a past history that he has. people are looking at him in a more careful way. i think it has a threatening tone to it. mark: i am for kicking people off if they are abusive. but kicking someone off for language that others would not be kicked off for is a dangerous place to be in terms of content police. john: coming up, a secret trial
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in iran. in a washington trial your chief -- a washington bureau chief facing challenges at home. ♪
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mark: today was the first day of the trial in a iran. jason has been imprisoned by the iranians for more than a 300 days after security forces took him from gunpoint from his home. the charges, in typical iranian fashion, are nebulous. we don't know what the state is using as evidence in the trial because proceedings are closed. he has been living for seven years in a run at the most. -- as a journalist. joining us is his brother, who is a spokesman for the family.
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you have learned to be a reporter like her brother through all of this. what, if anything, have you learned about the proceedings today? ali: we found out only yesterday that the trial was going to be closed. we wanted it to be edelman trial to get transparency. -- we wanted it to be an open trial to get transparency. it would be illegal, so clearly we are not getting anything. but the first date lasted two hours. my mom and sister in law both went down to the court, but were not able to go into the courtroom. jason was accompanied by his attorney, and english translator was there from the government. the expectation is that they would first read the evidence against him and there would be some conversation that went on around her that. john: we have read there are two pieces of evidence that the iranian government feels are
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incrementing of your brother one that is a form letter that he sent to the obama administration. it is a little vague why those documents would be considered incriminating from the point of view of the iranian officials, and what exactly that second document was? can you shed light on that? ali: as part of our work we look at things that can be used against him. in those cases, there was a process before president obama took office to let people go online and sending information to apply for a job almost. asking, what do you think about the new president and how you can help? he wrote, i grew up in the united states and i want our countries to be more harmonious. how can i hope you guys out? -- help you guys out?
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is there anything i can do in the upcoming demonstration? that was basically the letter, filled out in a form online. the response says, this is an automated response, we have received your submission. john: just to be clear, you are saying this is an application for a job? ali: not officially. he was saying, if you want someone that understands iranian culture and can help you speak more clearly with the iranian government, i would like to help you. mark: your brother has been there for a number of years. was he worried before this incident? was he worried he might have something like this happened to him? ali: i don't think anybody could have thought something like this was going to happen. this was so far outside the bounds. jason was meticulous in how he followed the rules. all journalists in iran are credentialed. he knew where he could go. there is a process. mark: what is your theory then about why he was singled out? ali: it is hard to say.
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jason is one of the only americans over there that was reporting. he had a lot of friends. a lot of people think it might have something to do with internal politics, trying to get pressure on the president in that country, or maybe something else. we really do not know. john: when you deal with the administration, i ensure you have repeatedly encountered this over his captivity, who do you doeal with? ali: we speak with a variety of people in the u.s. government primarily over in the states department. i spoke with people on different levels. we have a contact that we talk with. she is very good at getting information from us, as well as helping us reach out to other governments when we need to. for example, reaching out to the
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swiss in iran to try and send letters to officials, things like that. i have also spoken with folks on the hill as well. conquers been, senators -- congressman, senators, and aides,. john: are there things you have asked administration to do that they have reviewed yuan? --r they have rebuked you on? ali: no, we mainly hear rumors. when we wanted to escalate them, we are able to escalate them. mark: can you tell me how you feel about iran now? ali: the same way as i did before. the people there love america and are very nice. the government does what it wants to do. they say that they have a lot of
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laws and choose when to follow them or when they don't. mark: before we started the interview, very impressed with how you handle yourself in a tough situation. good luck to you and your family, and her brother of course. washington post journalist in a run. after the break, a different story. a local family builds a home. ♪
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john: a lovely american family is building an addition to their home. they seem like lovely people. >> jeb bush is having a house built on walker's point. >> jeb bush is building a new for building home in the seaside town. >> it would be the second-largest home at walker's point. it stands at $1.4 million.
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>> of course, generations of bushes have spent their summer's here. >> the house will be visible when guest arrive for barbara bush's 90th birth day. mark: matt mizer joins us from the washington bureau. i generally not think of you as a reporter for better homes and gardens. tell us of the making of this story. it is one people will obsess over for at least today tomorrow, and maybe for months to come. did you dig this up or was it handed to you on a silver platter? matt: it was not handed to me. i wrote about jeb up in the port and found property records. it is not a secret in this town.
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they knew that house has gone up over the winter on walker's point. everyone knew that it was jeb's house. i pulled the records in the town, and sure enough the record identifies it as a jet bush's house. that was how we came across a this story. 2 stories, four and a half bathrooms. it is not super extravagant by wealthy standards. but the setting is incredible. it is right there on the water overlooking the ocean, along with his parents and other homes. john: you explained in the story, but for the viewers -- why is jeb bush's mother and parents building the house for him? >> this is something that the parents have done. walker's point has been in their
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family or more than a century. the parents want to pass down to their kids something on walker's point. they have been building all the properties. jeb bush's younger brother marvin had a house there 2 year s ago. jeb is the last person who doesn't have a dedicated property for him. mom and dad wanted to build jeb a house. it comes at a completely inopportune time though. [laughter] john: that brings us to become political -- to the political component of this. this is not a large property by wealthy people standards. talk of it about -- talk a bit about how the bush campaign is sensitive to the political implications and optical implications at this moment.
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matt: they are aware that this does not look great. they were not eager to cooperate on a story. he goes up there just about every summer. it is important part of his life. they realized the complications of this. yoiu're right, it is not bit rummy style real estate. there is no car elevator in his house. -- it is not made romneyitt romney style real estate. it reminds people of jeb bush and where he comes from and his patrician family. the idea that he is trying to become his own man, as he says on the campaign trail. for his parents to build him a house overlooking the property on coastal maine is an inconvenient image. mark: governor romney dealt pretty poorly with taunts about
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his wealth and being out of touch. what is your sense of jeb bush with this and other things? how do you think he will handle himself on those issues as compared to mitt romney? matt: to their credit, when they knew what we had, they cooperated. jeb bush sent out the e-mail talking about he is fortunate. they are sort of acknowledging that. they knew the direction that the story could head. i think it is something that he can talk about a little bit. as a side point, the only other property jeb bush has easy miami. is not a cheap health, $1.3 million, but it is not mitt romney or hillary clinton style. to the extent that this comes in the wake of a campaign and becomes part of it, the
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comparisons to romney or john mccain, who did not know how many houses he had. hejeb bush has just one house. john: this puts in the firmly in the bush image. he is with the bush clan she doesn't want to be associated with 100% of the time at this moment. matt: we know his last name, but literally there is a foundation being built in his parent's property and paid for by his parents. john: great piece, thanks for doing this. if it turns out to have a lot of legs, the metaphor here is fairly rich. again, thanks so much and we will be right back.
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mark: we have been hearing from clinton allies about this new company we have been hearing about.
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this is going to get a lot more scrutiny in the aydsdays ahead. john: qed, is all i will say about that. until
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apple named jony ive its chief executive officer. and everything about the two people that will fill his shoes. i am emily chang and this is " bloomberg west." charter makes a big move to become the number two cable provider in the midwest. but is a $55 billion deal really about to controls the internet? what co-owner of snapchat evan spiegel tells of the. go pro gets more condition. i-- more condition. the


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